Overriding a spell rune combo?

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Overriding a spell rune combo?

Post by DaggorathMaster »

I've basically redone storm spells, to include spells per element, and SPOILER, SPOILER, and END-GAME-SPOILER...
But Meteor Storm insists on running the vanilla version (at least that's what I think it's doing).

Can I make it so that that rune combination reroutes to my version (so I can scale damage and number of bolts, and do other dynamic changes)?
Or can I at least make that rune combo do nothing and start over with a different combination (less-preferred)?


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Re: Overriding a spell rune combo?

Post by minmay »

Make sure you aren't importing assets/scripts/spells.lua (or assets/scripts/standard_assets.lua, since that file imports spells.lua).
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