Level 3/4 Secret Invisible Wall

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Level 3/4 Secret Invisible Wall

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I have been playing through the game trying for an all secret run. However I have run into an issue. In level 3 just after the crystal there is a room with 2 pits to fall down. Once you fall down you have to hold down 3 buttons to get the Cobra Bracer. After doing this I have tried to enter the teleport to go to the other secret but after using the teleport I become stuck. I can not move and there appears to be an invisible wall in the way. I can not trigger the lever or grab the scroll/trigger the secret. Here is a link to video proof: https://youtu.be/WwNfbIfDMLY I have not edited the file in anyway as I am doing a normal playthrough. This is my first time going through the game and am already on level 9. I have attempted to close the game and reload as well at throwing items and spells into it but it will not vanish. Any tips or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Level 3/4 Secret Invisible Wall

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This is a bug that can occur when a monster falls down a pit and dies. The easiest workaround involves enabling the console. Change "console = false" to "console = true" in your grimrock.cfg, restart the game, load your saved game, and press the key corresponding to the "consoleKey" entry in grimrock.cfg in-game (I think it's 220 by default, which is the '\' key, but you can change it to any key code you want).

Then type

Code: Select all

party:setPosition(18, 18, 2, 4)
in that console and press enter. This will not get rid of the "invisible wall", but will put you inside it so you can trigger the secret, take the scroll, and pull the lever.
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