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Re: Best party

Post by Pizzadude » Sat Nov 28, 2015 6:06 am

I completed the game with this build. Difficulty: Normal
Everyone ended at lvl 13.
1. Human fighter, 15 strength, 16 dexterity, 13 vitality and 10 willpower. 31 unarmed, 22 armor 4 athletics. Traits: Fist Fighter and Evasive. (Unarmed can be very strong)

2. Minotaur fighter, 22 strength, 11 dexterity, 17 vitality and 7 willpower. (the skill points here are a jumble, i didn't know if i wanted mace, axe or sword) 9 swords, 11 maces, 14 axes, 20 armors. Traits: Head Hunter and Tough. Ended as lvl 13, very close to 14 (its because i gave him an item that gives him more xp)

3. Lizardman rogue, 14 strength, 23 dexterity, 16 vitality, 9 willpower. 12 assassination, 10 daggers, 18 missile, 10 throwing and 1 unarmed (I was originally going to have 2 unarmed people but changed my mind). Traits: Healthy and Agile.

4. Insectoid mage, 10 strength, 14 dexterity, 11 vitality and 31 willpower. 15 air magic, 7 earth magic, 13 fire magic, 7 ice magic, 10 spellcraft and 2 staff defense (He was a mage of all elements). Traits: Aura and Strong Mind.

Tips: For a lot of the dungeon I used magic to give me light, but torches are actually brighter the magic light.
Also unarmed can be very strong if played right, at the start my Human fighter was doing heaps of damage compared to my other dudes, and even later its great. (sadly, they removed the idea of unarmed build in LoG 2)

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