No 'forward' spell sound

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Re: No 'forward' spell sound

Post by thetasigma2 » Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:40 pm

You know, you really should learn to read posts properly before attempting to offer your flavour of non-support to people.
Dr.Disaster wrote: Well that is a solution. Yet it would be way better to keep people out of the "pretending to know stuff" corner.
Not once did I claim to have any factual evidence nor "pretend to know stuff". If you read the post correctly you would've seen this:
thetasigma2 wrote: My understanding is this:
One person's understanding is not a fact. It is a very subjective thing, as people can mis-understand things in any number of different ways. Hence why problems arise and in this case, the reason for my visiting this forum in the first place; To help clarify my understanding, to hopefully solve my problem. Yet you chose to 'nonsense' my issue whilst not helping resolve it. In this case some of what I knew and understood was incorrect and I took measures to correct that, which ultimately ended in my resolving my problem.

Dr.Disaster wrote: Has anyone ever hear of a game (or sound-using other application) that uses digitally encoded sound only for specific sound effects while having only one master volume slider at the same time?
Why are you implying that I said this was the issue? Remind me again where I claimed this? Oh right... Nowhere! I claimed I had an issue with a particular sound coming out, despite other content handling it just fine. Hence why I came here.
Again you implied stupidity on my part, rather than helping.

Dr.Disaster wrote: For example I can reproduce the effect described above without activating any digital encoded sound signal simply by misconfiguring my analogue sound setup in Realtek HD Audio Manager.
Guess what? I can produce that same effect by mis-configuring my software too!
Oh but wait... I didn't mis-configure the software! :shock: Just read here (which you didn't and likely won't).
thetasigma2 wrote: I've tested it with successful sound 'placement' (eg left sounds come from left speaker, rear sounds from rear speaker etc) on the following:

A large number of other games, PC,
Which initially suggested my problem was an issue with the game. In fairness, I'll admit that I later found out it wasn't, but was in fact an issue of using an incorrect cable, whilst using the correct sound configuration
thetasigma2 wrote:So I set the output signal to Dolby Digital Live, restarted the pc and checked sound. Still had the same issue. (via analogue cables).
Which I admitted to discovering in my second post, which you also chose to ignore, in your response of
Dr.Disaster wrote: you need to use the proper ports and hardware which includes appropriate cables.

So in summary.
You completely mis-understood my problem. Generally I have no problems with that, but then you used your own lack of knowledge and reading skills to ridicule me in a 'support forum'. Claiming my statement to be 'nonsense'. Of course there was a chance it would sound nonsensical! That's what happens when people have a mis-understanding. But instead of taking the high ground, by ignoring it and helping address my issue, you chose to ridicule me for it. Not exactly the reactions expected by people experiencing issues in a 'support forum'.
Which begs the question: why are you even reading and posting in the help section? Just to ridicule people's lack of knowledge, whilst simultaneously showing your own, by not reading and understanding people's issues?

Well to anyone reading this post and laughing at the stupidity of the two of us arguing. (And lets face it a lot of you are lol!)
I'd highly suggest not taking any advice from this Dr.Disaster guy. Who ironically appears to be the one in
Dr.Disaster wrote:the "pretending to know stuff" corner
as evidenced by his inability to read and understand people's issues.

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Re: No 'forward' spell sound

Post by Dr.Disaster » Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:44 pm

If all your sound tests had been successfull the game sounds would have been played were they belong and this thread would not exist. FYI: this game is 4 years old. If there ever were any surround sound issues - and people played it with surround sound from the start - they got fixed a long time ago.
thetasigma2 wrote:Claiming my statement to be 'nonsense'.
It still is and will be unless you quit saying that games do digital sound encoding.
thetasigma2 wrote:.. helping address my issue ..
There was no issue left. You already solved it by the digital sound workaround. There was no point of investigating further unless you wanted to revert from digital sound back to analogue sound which seemed highly unlikely.

While you don't need to believe my explanation what your analogue sound "problem" was i'm absolutely sure you did not even try to verify what i wrote. Why? Because you keep insisting that you made no error in your sound setup although your 1st post strongly indicates it.

Thankfully anyone with a 5.1 / 7.1 Realtek Audio chip on the mainboard can test this by themselfs in a matter of minutes. All it takes are a pair of headphones plugged into the center port, the Realtek HD Audio Manager set to 5.1 or 7.1 mode and then toggling the "I have an optional center speaker" box. Said box either activates or deactivates all sounds send towards the center speaker. For LoG this means: checked the Fireburst spell sound can be heard, unchecked the Fireburst spell remains silent.

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Re: No 'forward' spell sound

Post by Sir Tawmis » Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:57 am

thetasigma2 wrote: So in summary.
To be fair, he offered a much toned down and far more logical post.

Long and the short of it, the problem is resolved. And that's where the discussion should probably have stopped. So I will ask again, that everyone play nice. Problem's solved. Posts were misunderstood. We move on.
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